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In this fantasy you are my girlfriend, you just got home from a busy day, and you are bare ass nude in the shower.  wash your body sexy, showing off your ass and curves... you had just got home from work, so you can unleash your bassy farts you have held in all day, so you begin ripping bassy fart after bassy fart. Soon afterward, I come home from work to see you just the way I like to, and that is your perfect nude body in the shower while you are ripping beautiful bassy farts from your perfect curvy ass.   I jumped right in there with you in the shower and I began eating your pussy and round farting ass.   you were surprised  by my sudden ass and pussy eating, but as soon as you realized how well I was doing you started encouraging me with more bassy farts, dirty talk, and the promise of hot bassy fart sex. do lots of sexy talk telling me how you will rip deep farts all over my cock and balls while I fuck you...   after a few minutes of dirty talking as well as ass and pussy eating, you tell me that you need to have my cock in your mouth, so you quickly get on your knees, and begins to suck me off POV style.... your bass farts, dirty talking, and bobbing head really has me going. Then you get into doggy position because I begin to fuck you really hard, all the while you rip sexy sounding deep farts. you even slap your ass a few times, and grind on my cock here and there too because you are so into it. Soon you will want to cum, and after I speed things up, you eventually do, but I still havenít, so you begin fucking me and farting bigger and louder than ever until I eventually unload my balls deep inside of you. yes.. I finally came.... and At the end of our hot, smelly, and showery sex, you tell me that our love making was very dirty so we should actually clean ourselves now, and give me a playful wink of the eye. (THIS IS SCENE 2 OF A 4 PART CUSTOM FANTASY)

DAMN DAMN DAMN! ONCE AGAIN this is the fantasy we all have both MUFASA and DAKOTA together taking turns farting in our faces!!!  fucking PARADISE and Mufasa blew some BASSY AIRY BELCHES in your face also!!!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long Santana Redd can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

well Santana made this customer VERY happy!  just about all the farts in this clips were 7 SECONDS LONG!  all are long and very sexy sounding! and she did all of these long as fuck farts in TIGHT JEANS and SEXY PANTS!  LONG FART LOVERS add Santana to your long farter list!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long Santana Redd can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

well Santana made this customer VERY happy!  not only did she provide a nearly 20 SECOND FART (18 seconds to be exact)  just about EVERY FART IN THIS FUCKING CLIP is in the 10-15 SECOND RANGE!  and she did all of these long as fuck farts in TIGHT PANTS and TIGHT JEANS!  LONG FART LOVERS this is a fucking MUST SEE CLIP!!!


those LONG RUMBLERS seem to go on forever!  and she is blowing each one in your face!  she said they smelled "very eggy"  are you ready for this punishment... or ... reward??

sometimes I just love to hear that DEEEEP muffled fart sound!  I had Santana Redd BURY her ass in several pillows and release some LONG MOANERS for us..  we are waiting patiently as she pushes out LONG MOOING COW FART after LONG MOOING COW FART!  and according to her they freakin STUNK! later in the clip she even lets you SMELL ONE!

Santana is wearing a heavy velvet dress but yet her farts are so LOUD and POWERFUL she can move the dress around with them!  just watch the preview pic!  sexy farts in panties too..  now get your nose in there and sniff the fabric cuz the farts are TRAPPED in there for a while!

she farts a bunch more for you in her JEAN SHORTS and they were all deep and BASSY and you laid behind her and INHALED all that GULPY GOODNESS!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY you and your mom are playing cards like you always do every day but today she is acting WEIRD.  she keeps on farting.. LOUD!  and after every deep fart she makes you SNIFF IT!  you guys will be playing when all of a sudden she puts her ROUND BIG BUTT in your face and rips a LONG DEEP PARPER!  you bury your face in it and sniff it then she turns around and goes back to playing cards!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY Santana Redd has just noticed you have been stealing her dirty panties again and this time you have stolen her favorite ones.  She is so pissed at you she yells at you and tells you "YOU WANNA SNIFF MY ASS SO BAD?? GET ON YOUR KNEES AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!" then she proceeds to punish your nose with BASSY STINKY LOW TONED gas!  and don't you dare complain.. because you asked for this!

Dakota always seems to shart when she farts!  she even wanted to call this clip "Denim jean sharts".. her ass has gotten HUMONGOUS and her farts are BIGGER and BETTER THAN EVER!

Dakota really wishes you were there with her so you could bury your nose between her thick meaty cheeks so she could BLAST YOUR NOSE HAIRS with stinky, bubbley gas!

Something about loose pj's with a cool print that make a long BUBBLY fart even that more sexy.. especially when they are being blown right in your face! MMMmmmmm.

you always tell Santana Redd THE STINKIER THE BETTER so now that she is MELTING YOUR FUCKING FACE with DEEP AIRY LOW TONED FARTS. don't complain now...  what in the fuck did she eat??? is all you can think about as you sit there on your knees huffing some of the RAUNCHIEST FARTS you have ever smelled!! she tells you over and over again..  "sorry but remember you asked for this" as she giggles...  sheeesh.

Just like the girls do on U TOOB I had SANTANA REDD try on all of her favorite SPANDEX and show the perfect fit on her perfect ass.. and she was ripping OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD LOW TONED HUMMERS the whole fucking time!  with out a doubt this is ONE HOT FUCKING VID!!!!

Mufasa and Dakota were down for some fart sniffing fun until Mufasa buried her face into Dakota's rumbly ass and smelled just how bad her farts were today.. must have been that big dinner they had!

Your hot girl friend MUFASA is just hanging out on the bed..  She starts to rip these LOW TONED, AIRY sounding farts.. then she STICKS HER ASS INTO THE AIR.. which means you must come now to sniff them!  later in the clip she begs for you to jerk off and CUM ALL OVER HER huge tits and tongue..  INCREDIBLE!!

You just started dating this super THICC chick and you have noticed that she is not embarrassed to fart in front of you.  She farts all the time but she does not know how much you love it.  on this day..  She had just gotten home from work and she was laying on her bed playing with her phone.  she was FARTING UP A STORM and you heard her in the other room.  You got so turned on that you slowly crawled up behind her and started eating her ass while she farts in your face!  she says "hey you, what are you doing back there?"  as she continues to fart and enjoy you EATING HER ASS and PUSSY!  she then gets so turned on and says "alright, I am ready to fuck"  she gets up, backs her ass up and you begin banging her reverse cowgirl and after awhile you switch up to back shots.. you are fucking her so hard and she is FARTING THE WHOLE TIME!  DEEP BASSY farts at that and you are so ready to cum!  after a proper pounding you are ready to explode so she slows down so you can EMPTY YOUR BALLS into her WET ASS PUSSY!


Wow I was hanging out with my buddy the other day and we were discussing whether or not girls farting was hot or disgusting.  Well I told my friend that I thought it was kinda hot.  anyways.. HIS STEP-MOM must have over heard our conversation because I went over to see my friend today and his STEP-MOM farted in my face in TIGHT SPANDEX!  When I got there Kevin (my friend) was not home yet. it was just his step-mom and she told me

"I think you are cutie and you are always looking at my butt, you really are here to see me aren't you?"

then she began to bend over.. stick her ass in my face and BLAST AWAY farts that smelled like ROTTEN VEGGIES!!  I buried my nose in there and sniffed until I heard my friend finally coming in the door!!

These farts were so RUMBLY you would think Dakota was wearing tight BLUE JEANS.  but no.  just a thong.. and some bare assed.  Her BOOTY MEAT is so thick she is able to get those bassy sounds that we love!!  and she is begging you to "get down here and bury your face in my asshole"

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com

Watch Mufasa bury her ass into her soft mattress so her farts have that DEEP MUFFLED sound to them!  Sounded like a MOO'ING COW coming outta her ass and WOW is she the hottest model we have ever seen??

FUCK 2020! I think we can all agree on that! NOW let's take a look into the FUTURE OF FART FETISH!  things have GOT to get better so why not start with this FUCKING INCREDIBLE CLIP of Mufasa blasting TUBA SOUNDING, POOT SOUNDING farts right up into her slaves nostrils!  later on in the clip Dakota returns the favor and BLASTS Mufasa's face with BASSY PARPERS!..  this is a fucking FUTURISTIC FACE FART PARTY!!

You were over visiting your girlfriend at her house when suddenly her family came home.. she tells you to GET IN HER CLOSET and that you have to WAIT until every one goes to bed and then you can quietly sneak outta her room..  GOOD NEWS is she will come and fart for you whenever she has a fart so you will get to SNIFF THEM ALL NIGHT.. you just have to wait in the closet and she will stick her ass in there for you! IN THIS FINAL SCENE she continues to fart for you and in the end you get your REWARD!  She cannot believe that you stayed in there the whole time..  finally the coast is clear.. everyone left now you can FUCK your pretty girlfriend after she gives you a GREAT SLOPPY blowjob!!

In this fantasy Debbie is your girlfriend.  She wakes up complaining about CRAZY BAD GAS and telling you she "ate too much bean dip last night at the party".  She literally woke up and her belly is BLOWING UP WITH GAS!  As she goes about the day she starts ripping LONG POWERFUL rips as she stretches and walks around.. just farting like a CRAZY WOMAN.. she cannot believe how much gas she has.. she keeps apologizing "sorry, I told you to keep that bean dip away from me"..  later in the clip she starts to exercise...she farts an EXPLOSIVE WATERY FART with every movement... literally EVERY MOVE! lift... PARP... lift.... PARP..... lift... PARP...  finally she laughs with you and starts dancing around and being silly and pushes out the rest of that VIOLENT GAS and the both of you just laugh at her silly dancing and farts!

You have placed cameras all over your apartment and your Roommate DOES NOT know she is being filmed while you are at work.  She never farts around you.. but she is so hot you have been wanting to see her fart so bad!  so you placed cameras all around the place and was able to capture her FARTING LIKE CRAZY while doing chores around the house!

You forgot Santana's birthday and she is very PISSED at you right now!  She is TEASING YOU WITH HER SEXY FARTS because she knows you love her farts.  she keeps raising her leg when she farts...


over and over again she raises her leg and cutely pushes out a long PARRRRRP and reminds you that that is what she thinks of YOU!  so cute and the TIGHT GREY LEGGINGS make the farts sound GREAT!

Watch Mufasa bounce her BIG OL TIDDAYS around and rip WET EXPLOSIVE rippers all in the same clip!  If you are here for the TITS or the WET RIPS it won't matter...  you will JERK OFF immediately!!!

It does not matter if Bunny is wearing RED VELVET,
a PANTIES, or RED BOOTIE SHORTS..  her farts always
sound the same.. like a fucking DEEP TROMBONE!!!

Bunny is blowing her STINKY TROMBONE right on your nose.  She is face farting you so imagine you are RIGHT BEHIND HER as she is pushing out ALL THAT HOT SMELLY AIR right into your face!  these farts have a LOW HUM.. she is famous for this sound.. like a DEEP TUBA coming from a PERFECT ASS!  then at the end of the clip she drops to her knees and BEGS FOR YOUR CUM as you JERK OFF INTO HER HUNGRY MOUTH!!

Bunny has her best farts in the morning..  very DEEP... very LONG AND LOW sounding like a fucking TROMBONE.. she wanted to catch ALL OF THEM so she jumps outta bed, turns on the cam and starts recording as soon as she wakes up.... she lays down on the floor and she asks you "you ready baby?" and describes her farts as "bombs"..  and there are a LOT of them... and just when you are ready to cum you can shoot your load DOWN HER FUCKING THROAT!!

DEEP FART LOVERS ONLY!  for those of you that love that MUFFLED type of fart I had Bunny bury her ass into a pillow, sit on it and then rip fart after fart after TROMBONE sounding fart!  this is simple this is HOT!

FUCK.. THIS GIRL CAN FART!!!  These farts are very BRITTANY MOORE ESQUE!!!  WATERY, DEEP, LONG, SLOPPY!  Sounded like she was DUMPIN on those TIGHT BLACK LEATHER PANTS!  Dr. BUNNY is back for another session to help you CURE YOUR FART FETISH!  in this session you guys are trying to figure out if it is SOUND or SMELL that turns you on the most.. that is why she choose tight leather.. for good sound... but after eating boiled eggs for breakfast these farts are STINKY.. so it could be the smell this is getting you turn on as well!

So its getting late and you and your FART FETISH THERAPIST are still trying to figure out why you love girls farting so much.  She decides to rip LONG RUMBLY FARTS ON HER LEATHER CHAIR to see just how much you get turned on.  these farts are DEEP and she rips a LOT of them.. man.. your gonna have this fetish 4 eva!


SEE Princessoffarts see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also BrattyGurlz see also CotDayumm see also FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume and princessoffarts

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter @CWorldent

DR BUNNY YOUR FART FETISH THERAPIST wants to know exactly what it is about hot girls farting that turns you on so much.  as a tester she rips FART after FART after DEEP BASSY fart right in front of you to gauge your reactions.. MAN these bad boys are DEEP!! if TUBA FARTS are you weakness...  buy..this..clip!!


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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent