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FEBRUARY 19th 2020
Your hot sexy girlfriend Lola is feeling lazy today.. she is also very gassy from a big lunch earlier in the day.  She just wants to lay in the bed and pass gas all day.. and just relax.  Sounds good to me!

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FEBRUARY 11th 2020

Lola said these were the STINKIEST farts she has ever had.. and although she  has locked you in the closet for being a "bad fart boy" she is still sharing her farts with you because they are so impressive! and BAD!

see also JackDaRipper see also CotDayumm see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts


Your sexy roommate is laying on her bed, playing on her phone and FARTING LIKE CRAZY.. she does not know you are watching her and she is farting a lot.. back to back..  she looks so innocent laying there..


You are ashamed but you are turned on by your sisters farts!  She is so HOT and she is always farting and you are SO turned on by it!  You are always hanging around trying to get a sniff whenever she lets one go and she NOTICED.  "how come every time I fart I find you behind me trying to smell it?"  she says.. she also calls you WEIRD but she lets you sniff it so you will go away... she tells you "fine, sniff my fart and get out of my room and leave me alone" she sticks out her butt.. farts on your nose.. then orders you to leave.... fuck.. if you like clips like this.. this is fucking HOT AF!!


In this POV FANTASY you are dating Lola Luv.  She is in LOVE with you and can't wait to see you! She has been waiting for you all day and now that you are home she want to KISS YOU.  Plus she has been saving up farts for you all day so she wants to FART IN YOUR FACE.. and as soon as you get aroused she wants to suck your dick and in the end she BEGS YOU TO CUM ON HER TONGUE.. BROS.. this clip is fucking PARADISE!


Your beautiful roommate Lola Luv is in her room listening to music on her air pods and FARTING LOUDLY!  You hear her farts from the other room so you go in to give her a hard time.. but she is not embarrased about you hearing her fart. in fact she is proud of it.. touting "I farted, did you hear it?"


You need to ask your HOT ROOMMATE Lola Luv a question.  she is in her room organizing her closet, listening to her air pods and FARTING.. A LOT!  She invites you in even tho it STINKS LIKE ROTTEN FART in her room.  but she is so hot.. who cares??

DECEMBER 31st 2019

Lola Luv your smoking hot roommate once again does not have her share of the rent.  She owes you one thousand dollars.  So to make up for it she is going to FART IN YOUR FACE WEARING JEAN SHORTS!  She said they really smell like eggs today to "be careful".  She is bending over, listening to her new air pods while farting in your face over and over again.  Hey, at least she gave you something.

DECEMBER 21st 2019

Your hot roommate really has a fun and goofy sense of humor.  You go into her room and she is playing around on the computer and she is FARTING A LOT!  She is being funny and playful with her BAD GAS and you just sit behind her and SNIFF AWAY.. but she DOES NOT KNOW you are turned on by it.. so you must play it cool and laugh at her farts... but you are really ROCK HARD!

DECEMBER 17th 2019

HOLY FUCK!  Lola Luv is so fucking hot it seems to be a dream...  IS SHE EVEN REAL??  look at that ass.. seeing a girl THIS HOT willing to fart on camera will always be entertaining.. and frankly shocking.  Watch her fart while washing and cleaning that PERFECT body of hers!

DECEMBER 8th 2019

This is without a doubt one of the BEST CLIPS I EVER SEEN.  Two sistaz enjoying each others LOUD farts and ROUND asses.  this fucker might just be the CLIP OF THE YEAR!


LOLA LUV IS FUCKING PERFECT... you don't deserve her... you are not worthy to touch her...  you only deserve her STINKY AIR IN YOUR FACE.  that is all you are worth.  she wants you to know that while she farts in your face over and over again.. they smell like EGGS by the way.

NOVEMBER 26th 2019

Once again in the yellow pants Selena's farts are working so hard to get out that she finally had to pull them down for better air flow.  these farts sounded LONG and very RELIEVING!

NOVEMBER 18th 2019

THESE ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE FARTS!  Watch Sexy Selena lay on her side... relax her body and mind.. and FART HERSELF THROUGH TO ANOTHER DIMENSION IN TIME!

NOVEMBER 10th 2019

Once again Selena is dancing slow and sexy for you and every time she has to fart she JIGGLES her ass as it is coming out.  The sounds are so sexy varied with this technique.. these farts are LONG and that ass is making some BOOTIFUL MUSIC!
The different sounds that the farts make are all so different.  deep, high pitched
brappy.. zippy.. sloppy.. you will hear just about every type of fart!


This is a sexy video where Selena is dancing slow and sex for you and every time she has to fart she JIGGLES her ass as it is coming out.  The sounds are so sexy varied with this technique.. these farts are LONG and that ass is making some BOOTIFUL MUSIC!

OCTOBER 24th 2019

Selena says NEVER FORGET you are her FART SLAVE forever.  Now get on your knees and take your RUMBLY WATERY punishment.  She is breaking in a pair of NEW JEANS right on your UGLY FACE.....  BITCH.

OCTOBER 15th 2019

I don't know how to describe the sounds of these farts.. but they are like nothing you ever heard... again.. its this position.. its those jeans... its those DEEP BUTT CHEEKS...  RUMBLY AND BUBBLY don't ever do these farts justice... GURGLETASTIC... let's go with that one!

OCTOBER 10th 2019

Give Lola a Back massage and she will fart for
 you and then give you some amazing POV fart sex!  
She looks so thick in this one and these
 farts were HUGE and WET!

SEPTEMBER 30th 2019

Watch sexy Lola TWERK THAT THANG and
blow rumbly farts on your nose at the same
time.  That big white ass is DELICIOUS!

SEPTEMBER 25th 2019

omg.. LOOK AT THAT ASS!  Lola knows you are OBSESSED with her farts.. and she knows you like to SNIFF THE FARTS THROUGH FABRIC so the smell lingers in there longer.  So you guys have a deal.. she will let you sniff the fabric BUT you have to EAT HER BARE ASS AFTERWARD.  sniff the fabric.. eat the ass.

SEPTEMBER 18th 2019

This clip is shot in the old school style where
the model just comes in, sits to the front edge
You see the pose.. see facial expressions and you
and at the very end, in a new school twist she brings
her ass up to you so you can kiss, lick and sniff it!

SEPTEMBER 11th 2019

You did it!  You paid Lola Luv 5k and
she flew from her country to your
country just to fart for you in person!
She has just arrived from the airport
and she has TONS of farts waiting
to blow in your face.  In this scene
you are sitting with her and every
time she has to fart she gets up
and puts her perfect ass in your
face and let's it rip!

SEPTEMBER 5th 2019

Lola does not mind blowing EGGY FARTS
into your face all night but when you are
done sniffing she wants you to lick her
asshole.  Sounds like a deal to me!


Lola Luv keeps farting over and over again like
a crazy woman.  You want desperately to sniff
them so she comes over after each fart and
sticks her round ass in your face.  But she is
warning you.. her farts STINK LIKE EGGS

AUGUST 28th 2019

She wants you to eat her farting ass
she wants you to eat her farts
she wants you to eat her pussy while she farts
she wants you to just shut up and EAT IT!

AUGUST 21st 2019

You love kissing, sniffing and licking Lola's booty... first you are kissing and sniffing it in panties.. then she takes a BIG DUMP and you continue to kiss and lick while she farts in your mouth.  Your face is in her dirty ass so much you might get PINK EYE.. you end this clip by fucking her in her ass in cumming in it!

AUGUST 14th 2019

Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..
 SELENA LOCA does a simple fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She was able to capture some of the most OUT OF THIS
 WORLD BUBBLE-TASTIC farts that I ever heard!
  Sounded like an ALIEN INVASION coming
 outta her booty!

AUGUST 7th 2019

The BIGGEST BADDEST ass in all the land
is the new host of BrattyGurlz.com  She has
on her DRESS SLACKS and she is ready to
rip fart after fart after DEEP RUMBLY fart
right onto your nose.. until your HEAD FALLS OFF!
tell me.. are you ready to climb MT. POOTYSAKI?!

JULY 29th 2019

so Lola Agreed to fart in your
mouth while you eat her asshole
because you LOVE doing it.. She
has been farting WET FARTS in
your mouth and on your nose
for a while now it's time for
you to cum.. she is sucking
your dick but you are having
trouble staying hard...

JULY 22nd 2019

Lola could not stop farting yesterday and she did not want to waste good farts.. so I told her to put on some of her favorite pairs of panties and record all of her gas.. and have fun doing it!  Time to Party!

JULY 14TH 2019

Lola Luv is your favorite fart model.
After eating a vegetarian pizza she is
gassed up and ready to pleasure you.
She demonstrated on a plush toy
what she would do if you were there
and my favorite part.. she says to you
"smell it.. smell it baby" over and over!

JULY 7TH 2019

FUCK!  that ass... them shorts... those
 BUBBLY farts... it just looks so good!
 Imagine burying your face in that!!!   FUCKKKKK!

JUNE 28TH 2019

Lola Luv is the type of chick that will do anything
for her man.  You want JEAN FARTS she will give
you RUMBLY JEAN FARTS in your face.  You like
eating her ass after a MUSTY DUMP she will put
her bare ass in your face and fart away!
You want your dick sucked... she gotchu.. this
is what it is like when you are dating Lola Luv!