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JUNE 14TH 2019

 You paid BIG MONEY to meet your favorite fart model face to face and now Lola Luv is HERE in the flesh to meet you in person.  Even better than that as you sit, chat with her and get to know her ever single time she has to fart she will stand up and put her PERFECT ass in your face so you can sniff her stinky gas!

JUNE 6TH 2019

 STILL one of the best asses on the planet Lola Luv is putting it all on display for you while farting in panties.  This is for butt lovers and panty fart lovers.  She farts in the panties.. she pulls them down to fart bare butt.. and these farts are WET and EXPLOSIVE.  check out her BIG WHITE PERFECT ASS!....  again!

MAY 27TH 2019

This is one of my fav positions to see a girl fart in.  Sitting on her
 foot ripping RUMBLY FARTS that vibrate her soles.  The fart sound
 is magnificent and her ass looks fantastic!  One of her best clips yet!

MAY 18TH 2019

You have been a BAD BOY so Lola Luv has locked you in her closet for the whole weekend.  Good news is her farts are really EGGY SMELLING lately and she makes sure to let you sniff them every time she lets one out.  She sticks her round ass in the closet and right up to your face so you can sniff her EGGY FART over and over again!  They stink.. so be careful!

MAY 10TH 2019

Me and my wife wanted to hire a Nanny so we interviewed this chick named "Lola".  Granted she was hot as hell.. but she was WEIRD!  She really was not answering our questions.  She just kept saying "I farted.. did you hear it?"  She kept just FARTING LOUDLY right in front of us and kept saying "I farted.. did you hear it?"  I must admit I was turned on.. her legs were so thick and sexy and she was really cute.. plus her farts kind of turned me on... but I had to ask myself... "what kind of Nanny is this?"  THEN I told her her farts turn me on and she told me she wanted to FUCK... luckily I interviewed her and not my wife... we fucked while she farted then I had to send her home!  CRAZY DAY!  (must see POV fantasy)

MAY 1ST 2019

Once again....In this POV fantasy you are sitting with your hot girlfriend Lola Luv and she wants you to take some cute pics of her to put on her instaagram.   She is laying on the bed and posing cute for you but she can't stop farting!  After each pic you take she stops you.. "wait wait I got gas like a motherfucker"  she let's out a WET BUBBLY FART and then you go right back to snapping pics.. again this is very hot and very REALISTIC!

APRIL 24TH 2019

In this POV fantasy you are sitting with your hot girlfriend Lola Luv and she wants you to take some cute pics of her to put on her instaagram.   She is laying on the bed and posing cute for you but she can't stop farting!  After each pic you take she stops you.. "wait wait I got gas like a motherfucker"  she let's out a WET BUBBLY FART and then you go right back to snapping pics..  this is very hot and very REALISTIC!

APRIL 16TH 2019

My step sister is hot as hell!  It's not fair.. why is she so hot?!  Why does she fart so much?!  Does she know it turns me on?  She is so annoyed with me.. she asks me.  "Why are you always behind me"  and she asks me "why are you always near my ass after I fart?"  I think she is on to me.  Boy this sucks!  POV fantasy that is a MUST SEE!  Hey.. it's not like you are related to her.. totally.. go ahead.. sniff that round ass!

APRIL 8TH 2019

Bassy jean farts from one of the 2 or 3 HOTTEST
fart models of all time!  What more can you ask for!

APRIL 1ST 2019

Just like every other hot chick on the planet Lola Luv likes to eat HOT CHEETOES with lime on top of them.  And just like every other girl they also give her BAD GAS!  So ONCE AGAIN, I asked her not to waste those farts but rather make a sexy JEAN SHORTS FART clip for me... so here ya go... FLAMING HOT JEATOES PART 3!

MARCH 25TH 2019

To go along with some EXPLOSIVE farting Lola Luv has one of the greatest asses on the whole internet.  Even without the farts this clip would be GOLD.. farts added make it a MUST SEE.  That's an HOF ass!

MARCH 17TH 2019

This is the KRYPTONITE to ever man on earth.  a BIG WHITE ASS!  Lola Luv KNOWS her big white booty is PERFECTION and she is ripping some of the BUBBLIEST, SLOPPIEST farts I have ever heard in my life.. and she is saying it over and over again... "Sniff my Big... White... Perfect... Ass"  Ok Lola...  I'd be happy to!

MARCH 10TH 2019

Showing off that ass just begging you to sniff it after she farts Lola Luv has one of the most AMAZING bodies on the whole internet.. never mind fart girl videos.  Her ass looks so good I just look at it like "WTF is this?!" She wants you to "smell her butt" and you want to smell it.. there fore welcome to PARADISE!

MARCH 3RD 2019

You love kissing on Lola's perfect ass every night.  She loves it too.. but she is warning you... she got BAD GAS!  As you kiss and bury your face into that round booty of hers she is BLASTING YOUR FACE WITH FARTS!  And she is being so cute about it...  "Smell my butt"  she keeps saying that over and over again.  "Smell my butt"  well Lola you don't have to tell me twice!


Watch the very beautiful FE FE unleash HUGE, WATERY, DEEP farts on the toilet while you look her in the eye the whole time.  She is so pretty is it hard to imagine the FART FURY that is taking place in that toilet bowl!  She is so cute and fucking ADORABLE as she talks to you about that she ate and how she cannot stop farting on the toilet...these farts were HUGE!


Just like every other hot chick on the planet Lola Luv likes to eat HOT CHEETOES with lime on top of them.  And just like every other girl they also give her BAD GAS!  So ONCE AGAIN, I asked her not to waste those farts but rather make a sexy JEAN FART clip for me... so here ya go... FLAMING HOT JEATOES PART 2!

Just like every other hot chick on the planet Lola Luv likes to eat HOT CHEETOES with lime on top of them.  And just like every other girl they also give her BAD GAS!  So I asked her not to waste those farts but rather make a sexy JEAN FART clip for me... so here ya go... FLAMING HOT JEATOES!

Lola is so excited to show you her REALLY BIG BEWP!  She has been eating a lot all week and farting a lot all week and boy o boy it lead to a MONSTER LOAD at the end of the week and she is so excited to show you!  Everything that comes outta that ass is so PERFECT including her BIG BEWP!

This is a simple compilation of Felicity's farts over a 2 week period.  I love her farts and I don't want to miss ANY of them.  So she recorded every single one she had.. just for us.. selfie style

For TWENTY MINUTES Felicity Smyth is here to make your fart fetish dreams come true!  Step into her FART BUNKER and all your wildest fart requests will come true!  You want to sniff her fart thru panties?  well come on over.. She knows you have "the fetish" so she is very comfortable making your dreams come true..  but be careful they are smelling PRETTY STRONG lately.. specifically the putrid smell of a ROTTEN ONION.  Her ass looks so round and perfect in this clip and she is being so sweet and delicate with your fetish... not thinking it is "weird" at all.. she wants only to SERVE you and make you cum!!

Julia Robberz farts are SO EGGY lately!  The smell of ROTTEN EGGS is so uncanny she can't even believe it!  That is the good news!  The bad news is you are locked in her closet.  More good news...  You will not miss her EGGY farts because every time she has to let one rip she will stick her ROUND PERFECT ass into the closet and blow her rotten eggs right into your face.  Don't worry...you are only locked in there for a few days.. then she will let you out, give you a big kiss and RIDE YOUR HARD COCK to you cum!!

Your SMOKIN' HOT girlfriend is getting tired of your fascination with her farts.  You are always hanging around her waiting for her to fart because you are afraid you might miss a good one.  You never give her any privacy and it is annoying to her.  Finally she gets tired of you bothering her and she ties you down, sits on your face and farts over and over again.  She is hoping this will cure your fart fetish especially because her farts have been very stinky lately..  after a while she starts to feel bad and she makes you eat her pussy instead.. then you guys fuck.  She wanted to make it up to you after torturing you with her smelly farts!

You are visiting your girlfriend Lola Luv when suddenly her parents come over.  Suddenly you must hide!  She throws you in her closet and shuts the door and you must not come out until it is safe.  She feels bad that you have to stay in there but she will still let you sniff her farts.  Whenever she has to fart she will come and stick her round ass into the closet so you can get a good sniff.  The closet is very small so her fart smell will linger in there with you for a long time.  The bad news is you may have to stay in there for a few days but you will get LOTS of farts to sniff!  After spending almost a week in her closet and sniffing TONS of farts Lola FINALLY pulls you out and showers you will kisses.   She is so sorry you had to stay in there so long so she is going to reward you with a fantastic blowjob until you shoot your load in her mouth!

ou h
It has yet to be determined where Lola Luv will rank amongst the other legendary fart models of the past but one thing I can tell you is she is the BADDEST BITCH ON PLANET EARTH!  The style, the tattoos the sexy toned body the PLUMP round ass!  This girl is a BADDIE!  plan and simple.  These farts were huge and very wet and her ass look so PERFECT in these panties.. reminded me of the GREAT PUMPKIN!  You have never seen a girl with this perfect of a body.. Veronica Secretz is the closest that comes to mind.  So Happy Halloween from the HOTTEST CHICK ON THE PLANET!  Enjoy these WET and EXPLOSIVE farts!

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After a HUGE WET FART, after a BIG DUMP.. practically whenever I want to!  She has no desire to have sex with me which is weird but she DOES let me sniff and EAT her ass whenever I want to.  and boy o boy LOOK AT THAT ASS!  I always have my nose and mouth wedged into that thing.  Just call me Mr. Stinky Face!

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You LOVE to eat a hot girls ass right after she has taken a BIG DUMPP!  It's like you are looking at this beautiful girl.. she is so perfect and girly.. but yet you know a BIG NASTY DUMPP has just come out of that perfect girly ass of hers.. it really turns you on to kiss, lick and sniff her ass right after a toilet visit.. as she also FARTS HUGE WET FARTS right in your face!  Now imagine your TEACHER decides to indulge you in this fantasy!!!  and she is NASTY!  she takes a MONSTER DUMP in a bucket.. the SMELL IS HORRIBLE and you can't wait to EAT HER ROUND ASS afterward.. you sick sick boy!  every time she has to use the toilet you want to eat her ass afterward... THAT is the fantasy played out in this one.  She takes several HUGE DUMPS and then you are eating her ass POV style after every toilet visit until you fuck her from the back in the final scene!  You can't get enough of that dirty ass!


 If I was granted 3 wishes here is what I would wish for....

1.  I wish my hot 3rd period teacher let me come over to her house where she professed her love for me and she farted for me over and over again and let me jerk off and cum inside of her mouth.

2.  I wish my bratty roommate would invite me into her room and let me sniff her LOUD FARTS while in sexy panties and I get to sniff the SMELLY EGGS right out of her panty material and then I would make love to her and she would let me shoot my load inside of her

3.  I wish my hot neighbor would invite me into her apartment and let me watch her take a HUGE DUMP!  and after her BIG SMELLY DUMP she bring her ass over and put it right in my face so I could kiss, sniff and lick her asshole.. and taste her rotten brownie that is still smelly all over her ass!

these three AMAZING POV FANTASIES are depicted in this full length movie!

AUGUST 26TH 2018

 You have a really bad fart fetish.  Your sexy roommate farts around you all the time and she notices that you try to smell them.  Although she is really ANNOYED by you she also finds you kind of sexy and she thinks the farting thing is kinda cute.  She is tired of you following her around waiting for her farts and she calls you out on it.  

"Dude, can I have some privacy?  why are you always coming in my room?"

you even walked in on her while she was MASTURBATING!  and that was the last straw.  since you won't leave her along she makes you FUCK HER!  That's right you won't let her pleasure herself so YOU have to fuck her now!  the whole time you are having sex with her she is screaming...


then at the very end you UNLOAD your come into her waiting mouth!!

this is a POV fart fantasy YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

AUGUST 12TH 2018

 OMG Lola Luv is being so MEAN!  She is farting up a storm and being very "Bratty" about it.  She tells you..

1.  Shut your ass up and smell this eggy fart

2.  You don't deserve to be close to an ass this nice

3.  You are one weird mutherfucker for wanting to sniff my fart

4.  Yea yea yea .. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

5.  You don't deserve me.. you only deserve my stinky gas!

She is being a total BITCH in this video.. but I lowkey think it is sexy as hell. but don't tell her that!  They smelled so bad she could hardly stand the smell of them but it's ok because she had YOU there to sniff it all away!  Yea.. she is really making you feel bad with her disrespectful words.. but it's all good because you took it out on her when you FUCKED HER BRAINS OUT at the end of the movie.. and she was farting during the POV SEX TOO!  It smelled like HOT GARBAGE in that room!

JULY 28TH 2018

Lola Lu She really wants to know because it seems like every time she has BAD GAS you always get so horny on those days.  Do you have a fart fetish or something?  She would LOVE to know because every time she let's out an EGGY SMELLING fart you are all over her wanting to fuck.  In this clip you are just hanging out with her and she is very gassy on these days.. wearing various pairs of tight jean.. and for some reason as soon as the smell of ROTTEN EGGS hits the air, you are jumping her bones.. she wants an explanation!

JULY 14TH 2018

 We have seen a lot of BEAUTIFUL models over the years and LOLA LUV is at the top of the list.  SHE IS EVERY MANS FANTASY!  We all fantasize about girls like her... so heres a sick twisted fantasy 4 U!

Your SISTER Lola is a pain in the ass... your parents always treat her better than you and she gets everything she wants.. EVERYTHING.  Even though you are her BROTHER you must admit she is so damned HOT!  She has so many boyfriends.. so many friends.. she gets so much attention because she is so GORGEOUS and you see this every day.  For being such a hot GIRLY GIRL she farts A LOT!  Being her BROTHER you see her fart every day....You have a fart fetish and you watch a lot of fart porn but the girls you watch are not as hot as your own sister Lola.  Yes you feel weird but everytime your sister farts around  you you get WEIRDLY turned on!  Every time she farts you end up trying to get close to her so you can smell it... you do this all the time and she is finally starting to notice..

"What's with you and farts?!  every time I fart you come over here trying to smell it"

"Stop being a weirdo.. I am your sister..."

"Get outta my room or I am telling mom"

YES... sadly you are obsessed with your own SISTER and her ass.. and her ROTTEN FARTS.. and she has figured out your secret... you feel so DIRTY AND PERVERTED.. but she is so damned hot you cannot help yourself.. every time you smell her EGGY FARTS you get so turned on! and sometimes you wonder.. "is she doing this on purpose?  is she trying to turn me on?

In this taboo fantasy you are hanging out with sis all week long trying to get a sniff.. you know its wrong.. but it feels SO RIGHT... PLOT TWIST... after she realizes you are TURNED ON BY HER she makes a deal with you... she promises to FUCK YOU if you NEVER TELL anyone and you PROMISE to leave her alone!  After smelling fart after eggy fart YES you decide to have sex with your OWN SISTER.. it's WRONG but you have lost control of your impulses...  you stick your ROCK HARD COCK into her pussy and you are surprised how WET it is.. she is very TURNED ON also and even comments on the size of your cock!  You FUCK THE HELL OUTTA HER POV STYLE then go back to your room like nothing ever happened......

JUNE 30TH 2018

 Lola has been so horny all week long and now that it is the weekend she is READY TO FUCK ALL WEEKEND LONG!  She knows you get horny when she farts in tight jeans so she is going to wear tight jeans for you and fart all day long so you can give her the GOOD SEX she has been craving!  Her farts sound so good in jeans.. so much more deep and rumbly and her ass looks PERFECT in them... go ahead and sniff up them ROTTEN VEGGIES and get ready to give her the D she has been waiting for it!!

JUNE 17TH 2018

 THIS IS THE MOST GORGEOUS FART MODEL OF ALL TIME!  Her PERFECT BODY, her round ass and BEAUTIFUL FACE!  Her EXPLOSIVE WET FARTS!  this girl is a true WORK OF ART!  So girly, so feminine and these are her BEST FARTS RECORDED so far!  In this POV fantasy you are her fart slave and she is serving up STINKY FARTS to your nose and mouth and you just have to sit there and take it like a GOOD FART BOY!  Oh em GEE this girl is so INSANELY HOT you will not last 30 seconds watching this 20 min. movie!  after 20 mins of INSANE FARTING she is going to JUMP ON YOUR COCK and ride it until you CUM INSIDE OF HER!  get ready my friend you are about to become a DADDY!  Happy Fathers day!

JUNE 1ST 2018

  THESE ARE... the sexiest poses ever!

THIS IS.... the hottest fart model ever!

THESE ARE... the sexiest outfits she owns!

THESE ARE... her BIGGEST, WETTEST farts ever!

Lola Luv is your girlfriend in this POV fart fantasy, you will feel like you are right there with here hanging out.. for over 20 MIN.  she is farting for you in different outfits.. different poses.. and talking to  you POV style as if the two of you are just hanging out like girlfriend and boyfriend...  all of this sexy farting is getting your horny so you decide you want to have sex with your hot girlfriend.. so you fuck her brains out!  My friends. THIS.. is the ULTIMATE HOT GIRL FART FANTASY!

MAY 17TH 2018

  I am so turned on by my girlfriend Lola Luv.  She LOVES TO FUCK and she farts for me and lets me sniff her bum whenever she has one!  Every time we are hanging out, watching t.v. or when we wake up in the morning or just talking or whatever whenever she has to fart she will be like "baby, come hurry, I gotta fart" she is so cute with my little "kink".  She does not think it is weird or strange she thinks it is adorable that I would want to sniff her ass after she rips one!  and then.. I IMMEDIATELY have to fuck her because I get so turned on!

MAY 1ST 2018

  THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST FART VIDEOS YOU WILL EVER SEE!  She is wearing ONLY JEANS!  She is one of the 2 or 3 HOTTEST fart girls ever!  This movie is TWENTY MINUTES LONG and it is LOADED with WET, EXPLOSIVE FARTS!  seriously.. there is NOTHING ELSE you can ask for if you have the "fetish".. this is FART FETISH PERFECTION!

APRIL 17TH 2018

  Jenna Kitten, Veronica Secretz, Emma Ink... Lola Luv... these are some of the HOTTEST GIRLS TO EVER FART ON CAM!  Yes Lola belongs on THIS LIST!  Super Pretty, perfect body.. so girly so feminine!  In this MOVIE she takes on the role as your POV girlfriend and she farts for you all week long... just to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT doggystyle at the end.. cuz.. that's what good girlfriends do!

MARCH 31ST 2018

  In this sexy POV fantasy you are dating the smokin' hot Lola Luv and every day she indulges you in your freaky fart fetish.  No matter what she is doing if she has to fart she will bring it over to you so you can smell her round butt.  Even if she is across the room she knows you LOVE IT and she would not dare have you miss out on one of her "eggy" farts.  So she does this for you all weekend.. panties.. jeans.. leggings.. no matter what she is wearing or doing you will bring that fart right to your face.. and of course being a good gf she will give you sex whenever you want it.. so at the end of this video she hops on top and rides your cock until you cum inside of her!

MARCH 16TH 2018

  Look at the preview!!!!  thats right Lola Luv LOVES the taste of CUM!  She wants you to SHOOT YOUR LOAD RIGHT ON HER TONGUE!!!  She is going to eat lots of veggies so she can get gassy for you and she is going to wear ONLY TIGHT JEANS and fart for you in all kinds of sexy poses.. of course she wants to fuck too... but most importantly she wants you to PLACE YOUR CUM ON HER TONGUE!  Look at how she is opening her mouth in the preview.. just wanting on you to EMPTY YOUR LOAD into her mouth!  She gives you a great blow job where she is laying on her back with her head hanging off the bed and some great POV FART SEX.. THIS is the ULITMATE POV, jean fart fetish FART SEX MOVIE!!!!


 Lola Luv is easily one of the HOTTEST FART MODELS EVER!  put her up there with Veronica and Princess Lynne and Jenna Kitten as one of the most beautiful fart girls to play in this space! in this FULL LENGTH MOVIE Lola is YOUR GIRLFRIEND... yes she was your roommate but now she is YOUR GIRLFRIEND and what a cool GF she is because she knows you like her farts and she farts around you all the time.  in this clip you are just hanging out with her in many different scenarios where she is CANDIDLY talking to you and casually ripping farts!  She is SO CUTE the way she SCRUNCHES UP HER FACE or RAISES A LEG to announce her fart.. it is always wild to see a CHICK THIS HOT behaving in this manner! then at the end of this FART FETISH MOVIE you guys are hanging out watching a movie.... she gets bored with the movie and starts giving you a handjob.. then starts BLOWING YOU!  until you EXPLODE in her mouth!  Don't cha with your REAL LIFE girlfriend was just like LOLA LUV?!?!


 This is a really DIRTY bathroom fantasy!  For starters Lola Luv is taking a MEGA DUMPP!  You can really hear her fruit droppin' into the water!  And at the same time she is giving you a SLOW AND SLOPPY blo job!  The strong smell of her SMELLY BEWP is in the air as she slowly slobs on your knob.. then when she is finished BEWPING she stands up so you can EAT HER DIRTY ASSHOLE!  The SMELL OF HER BEWP is all over her ass as you kiss it and stick your tongue deep into it!  this really turns you on.. but guess what?!  it turns HER on too!  SHE WANTS TO TASTE HER OWN BEWP IN YOUR MOUTH!!!  so she begins french kissing you passionately so she can taste her own dirty ass!  ITS SO NASTY BUT SO SEXY! finally she goes back down to finish BLOWING YOU until you EXPLODE YOUR LOAD into her waiting mouth!  THIS IS SO HOT AND RAUNCHY and it all takes place in her bathroom!

 Lola has been out drinking with her friends and having a GREASY dinner!  She ALMOST missed Valentines day but she came home just in time to give you a special night!  See she was your ROOMMATE but now you guys are dating!  So she comes home.. still VERY DRUNK and VERY GASSY from dinner and she is very horny!  She gives you a sexy FART STRIP TEASE DANCE because she wants you to be HORNY too!  Her farts are very EGGY from dinner and you can smell them from across the room.  You are starting to get turned on as she farts and takes off her clothes for you!  Then once you are GOOD AND HARD you start fucking her right there in the living room!  She is so horny she could not make it to the bedroom so right there, while she is standing in the living room you start fucking her from behind!  And just when you are about to come she drops to her knees and you stick your cock in her mouth and she slobbers on your dick until you blow your HUGE LOAD in her mouth!  HAPPEY VALENTINES DAY!


 In part 2 of this POV FANTASY you have told Lola, your roommate that you are turned on by her farts.. not it is time to CLOSE THE DEAL.  She is into it.. she wants to fuck.. who knows if you will EVER have this opportunity again.. so GO FOR IT!  First she wants you to eat her pussy.. and she is going to fart in your mouth while you do it.. then you are going to fuck her doggy style.. while she farts.. then she is going to blow you.. to make sure you stay hard all night.. cuz next she wants HARD MISSIONARY SEX!  you are basically FUCKING HER BRAINS OUT and she is FARTING THE WHOLE TIME!  finally you are ready to SHOOT YOUR LOAD down her hungry little mouth!  YOU DID IT!  you FUCKED LOLA LUV!  now go text all your friends!

JANUARY 28th 2018

 Gorgeous Lola has been your roommate for a year and a half and you have been in love with her the WHOLE time!  She is VERY SEXUAL... the is also very FREE!  She farts.. she burps.. she takes HUGE DUMPS while leaving the bathroom door open and she does not know that these things secretly drive you CRAZY!  She looks at you like a little brother, like a friend but she does not know her bodily functions turn you on so much!  You finally get the balls to tell her and she thinks it is very cute and she is happy to fart for you... but then suddenly doing these things become a TURN ON for her... after being so flirty and fun with her farts she now has to TAKE A MEGA DUMPP!  to your surprise she starts BLOWING YOU!  Smelling her BEWP is turning you on so much and she is dropping a HUGE LOAD and slobbering all over your cock at the same time.. this my friend is your FANTASY COME TRUE!

JANUARY 18th 2018

 Lola sent you a sexy fart video to your phone... she wants to get you horny so you can FUCK HER BRAINS OUT when you get home... problem is.. SHE CAN'T WAIT!  Talking to you on the phone made her horny.. she starts playing with her self.. and got so horny she could not wait for you to get home to fuck her so she had to RUB ONE OUT!  This is the scenario that is played out in this POV FANTASY!

JANUARY 11th 2018

Sometimes you have to TREAT YO SELF!  Imagine you spend 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the ultimate night with Lola Luv!  She arrives at your house looking hot as hell!  She as been eating tons of VEGGIES all day long and she is FULL of gas!  She comes in the door and she is ready to fart for you already!  She lays on the bed. and rips BASSY JEAN FARTS right in your face! As soon as you get hard she gives you the BLOWJOB OF A LIFE TIME!  Then you start to fuck her doggystyle and btw way SHE IS FARTING DURING THIS WHOLE TIME because she is so gassy from all those veggies!  Finally when you are ready to cum she drops to her knees and takes your ENTIRE LOAD down her throat!  Congratulations.. you just fucked LOLA LUV!


It is starting off to be a very HAPPY NEW YEAR because I am getting some GREAT CONTENT from the models!  A lot of holiday eating.. a lot of partying a lot of GREAT CLIPS!  In this candid fart / toilet clip combo Lola recorded some sexy panty farts just before she left for a New Years Eve party.. then the next morning she recorded the AFTERMATH!  OMG... there must have been a lot of eating at this party because this dummp is HUGE!  Sometimes the smallest most petite girls make the biggest MEGA LOADS!  Lola Luv is FANTASTIC!  her fart clips are SO GOOD and she has just proven her toilet clips are equally as good!  One thing about Lola.. she look like a woman but BEWP like a big scary MAN!


Staking her claim as one of the HOTTEST FART GIRLS EVER Lola Luv decided to do an ENTIRE jean fart mini movie for her adoring fans!  Quickly becoming one of our most popular models Lola does not disappoint ripping DEEP farts in tight denim.  After each DEEP fart she brings her ass over so you can get a sniff.  According to her "bad veggies" was the predominant smell of these rippers!  


New comer Lola Luv has terrible ROTTEN EGGY FARTS today and she says they are stinking up her whole house!  But HOLY SHIT this girl is so fucking cute do you even care?!  Put her up there with Santana Redd, Emma Ink, Jenna Kitten as one of the HOTTEST FART GIRLS ever to do fart videos.. so pretty so BEAUTIFUL!  so odd to see such a cute girl just lazily lift her leg and push out a LONG HORN FART and just go back to what she was doing.. playing on her phone.. just being HOT AS FUCK!  She STINKS today.. but she is ADORABLE for sure!


Lola LUVS getting her ass kissed, sniffed and eaten out.. but there is a problem.  Her farts smell MAD EGGY today!  She wants you to eat her ass so you are going to have to endure DEEP EGGY SULPHUR FARTS in your face.  She is PERFECT, you are so lucky to have that BEAUTIFUL ASS in your face.. so don't complain just eat the ass and sniff that eggy fart like a good boy and shut the fuck up!


NEW MODEL LOLA LUV says she wants to be the GREATEST FART FETISH MODEL TO EVER LIVE!  Well I will tell you one thing.. ripping DEEP TUBA FARTS while wearing tight jeans, ladylike style is a very good start to your career with C WORLD!  All jokes aside this LOLA LUV  is OUTTA THIS WORLD!  ladies and gentlemen it's GAME OVER!
NOVEMBER 20th 2017

Veronica will BREAK YOU DICK with her LONG, MOANING GUSTY FARTS!  I love the way her farts are SO LONG and have that distinct HUM to them!  Plus her round ass and THICK THIGHS are always gonna make  you hard as fuck as soon as you see her!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
NOVEMBER 12th 2017
Veronica knows my weakness... her farts and her sexy dancing.  So whenever I get mad at her she does both.. Dances sexy and rips HUGE FARTS!  Once I see that ass moving and smell those EGGY FARTS i just can't stay upset.. and her attitude is always "shut up and sniff this fart".

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com

  Veronica Secretz LOVES getting her ass eaten!
Imagine laying behind her gently kissing,
licking and sniffing her fat round bottom
as she blows LONG, DEEP farts in your face!
She loaded up on RED MEAT for you so she
could fart EXTRA STINKY for your pleasure.
She moves her PLUMP RUMP around in a circle
and tells you to "sniff it" while she rips fart after
fart after LONG, DEEP fart!  NO BULLSHIT!  
This clip alone is worth joining this site for!
I bet you will not last 4 OR 5 SECONDS before
you have to shoot your load!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
OCTOBER 26th 2017
 Veronica is horny and you are horny too.. she is ready to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT but first.. she gotta fart!  Yep.. she got bad gas tonight and she wants to  let it ALL OUT before you guys get busy!  She is so CUTE!  

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com

OCTOBER 17th 2017
You are mad at Veronica but she is using your LOVE for girl farts against you.  You are trying to stay mad at her but she keeps on being cute and farting for you.  Look at the cute face... listen to those stinky farts.. how can you be mad at that?!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
OCTOBER 10th 2017
Veronica's farts are very smelly today and she
is a bit embarrased to have you smell them.
You make her feel comfortable and even ask
her to walk over and let you smell them
to assure her they are not that bad.

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
Veronica loves having her feet worshiped and she wants
YOU to do it!  And you LOVE to sniff her EGGY protein
farts so this is a perfect set up for the both of you.  Kiss
on those gorgeous curvy feet, sniff those soles but most
importantly sniff those LONG EGGY FARTS as she pushes
those out.  You got two things to smell in this one.. beautiful
pretty feet or MUSTY EGG AND GARLIC farts!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
SEPTEMBER 23rd 2017
You been at work all day... you been spending
time with your crush all day.. what ever the reason
sometimes you can't fart when you want to.. in this
one Veronica ONLY recorded after she had been
gone all day because she wanted to get the
face in the previews.. these bad boys
felt REAL GOOD coming out.. you can tell!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
My favorite thing about girls farting is the
cute facial expressions they make while
pushing out farts.  Veronica is great at this
and in this clip she is pushing out LONG
MOOSE FARTS!  Sounded like there was
a moose stuck in her butt!  And her face
is so adorable.. I just want to kiss her!
While she is farting of course....

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com

I had Veronica record ALL of her farts over the
period of 2 weeks.  This clip is LOADED with farts
with very little lag time!  Morning farts, late night
farts, farts after dinner PRE POOP farts.. you name
it, she farted it! and there is a BUNCH of them!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
For the second week in a row I wanted to marvel
at just how beautiful Veronica Secretz is!  Perfect
body HUGE FARTS and a "Miss Kansas" type face!
Seeing a woman THIS GORGEOUS never gets old!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
AUGUST 24TH 2017
So Beautiful Veronica is!  It is sometimes ODD
seeing a woman this pretty farting like a truck driver!
She looks just like she just won a beauty pageant!
These farts were LONG and WET!  And at times you
cannot believe those sounds are coming out of her!
In the mainstream world she is too HOT to ever be
seen farting or doing things like that.  But in C World
she is just right!  "Here she is, Miss FART America..."

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com

AUGUST 16TH 2017
These ideas came directly from YOU the fans!

1.  Dance seductively in front of a stuffed animal
and rip GUSTY EGG FARTS all over his nose
as if it is actually a person kneeling behind you.

2.  Lay on a bed with your ass sticking in the air
and pretend your biggest fan is laying behind
you.  Kissing and worshiping your ass as you
fart in his face over and over again!

3.  Put on a loose pair of leggings, pull them
up tightly and wedgy them up into your ass
and fart in them over and over!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
Veronica is so CUTE!  she is so adorable and HOT
that nothing she does is gross.  Even her EGGY
FARTS are so cute you just want to SNIFF THEM UP!
But BEWARE.... they don't smell like EGGS today...
OMG these are the SMELLIEST farts EVER!  She
farts for you all the time but this time she does it
with a fair WARNING "baby, they stink today"
She is so amazed at the FUNK that is coming
outta her ass she can't stop sniffing them!
She cannot believe that smell is coming
from her ass!  You BOTH are amazed!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com

JULY 31st 2017
You are always telling your HOT girlfriend
Veronica that she is "too pretty to fart" and
she always says "You're never 2 cute to poot"
As a matter of fact she is PROUD of her HUGE farts!
She makes funny faces and she is always raising
her leg to accent her big rips!  You try to discourage
her but deep down you like it.. you REALLY like it
and she knows it!  That why she does it so much!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com
JULY 24th 2017
Ok so maybe there are not that many farts in this
compilation clip but there is a LOT!  And the majority
of them are LONG!  I am telling you one thing this girl
got WIND!  She can fart with the best of them and as
always she is EXTRAORDINARILY beautiful!  Enjoy
this comp. clip!  Loaded with farts with very little lag time!

VISIT HER OTHER SITE VeronicaSecretz.com

JULY 16th 2017
She's FLAWLESS... perfect.. maybe the most
BEAUTIFUL fetish model ever!  yea.. I get it.
BUT she farts like a BIG TRUCK DRIVER!
I have never heard FART SOUNDS like this
come out of someone that looks like VS!!!!
all them EGGS!  She says EGGS is her magic
food to give her BIG BURLY REDNEC FARTS!
And as you can see by the picture previews this
clip is LOADED with farts with little lag time!

JULY 9th 2017
Veronica is in a very good mood and she
is VERY GASSY which is a good combination!
She is so Happy and Flirty and she is lettin' out
all her STINKY GAS in a very playful manner!
She is trying to seduce you with her farts!  And
with all that dancing and them LOOOOONG FARTS
she is not gonna just make your penis erect...
she is gonna BREAK YOUR DICK!

JULY 1 2017
I know you are cute and all but are you
just going to keep farting like that?!
I know you are HOT as HELL and your fart
faces are so adorable but are you just
going to keep farting OVER and OVER?!
Yea.. I get it... your PERFECT and hot girls
can get away with anything but it IS rude!
Ok ok.. I like it...  lemme EAT YOUR ASS!
JUNE 23RD 2017
This film is pretty straight forward.  As a matter of
fact it's VERONICA'S ASS straight in your MOUTH!
She is putting that ROUND ASS right in your face
on your nose and mouth!  Her farts sound really good
in jeans and it looks Amazing as well!  She is talking
really soft and sexy teasing you with her STINKY GAS!

JUNE 16th 2017
You have had a long week at work.. it's Friday
and more importantly it's your BIRTHDAY!
Your sexy girlfriend Veronica has big plans
for this evening but it is going to start off
with your FART FANTASY!  She has been eating
BEANS AND EGGS all day waiting for you to get
home so she can give you a FART STRIP TEASE!
Happy Birthday My Friend!  POV style!

JUNE 9th 2017
For those of you who do not have a fart fetish this
does NOT apply to you.. talk amongst yourselves...
for those of you that DO have a fart fetish....
(that is all I can say)
JUNE 1ST 2017
I go on and on about how beautiful Veronica Secretz is
but I don't speak enough about what a great FARTER she is!
As Gorgeous as she is she is very close to being the GREATEST
FARTER of ALL TIME!  Man these farts are SEXY!  Just LONG...
Deep and LOW!  The kind of farts you DREAM to hear!  The
kind Jackie The Ripper used to rip!  She is kinda like a mix
between Jackie/Debbie/Peteuse.  Not super bubbley or
watery like a Selena or Brittany Moore.. more of a Multi-Toned
type of farter!  Those are my FAVS!  Sounds like her ass is trying
to talk or speak sentences.. very DEEP AND LONG sentences!
and this update is LOADED with them!

MAY 25TH 2017
Sexy ladylike farts when she is all dressed up,
LONG, BUBBLEY EVE TABOO type Jean farts..
It's all hot but the part of the clip where she is
sticking her ass up in the air and farting with
her ass crack exposed is so FREEKIN INCREDIBLE!!
THAT is the part of this update that is going to KILL YOU!

MAY 18TH 2017
Veronica is the HOTTEST fart girl ever and she
shows you EXACTLY why in this clip!  So Pretty..
So Curvy and HUGE farts!  Dancing, showing off
her sex appeal and FARTING HER ASS OFF!  In
other words.. VS is kinda being a show off!  Swish Bish!

MAY 11TH 2017
Veronica Secretz had a barbeque for some friends
and she cooked a LOT of hamburgers.  Which meant
she had a LOT left over!  She has been eating them all
week and for some reason she adds PEANUT BUTTER
to them cuz she LOVES the combination of the two!
What she does not love is the RAUNCHY GAS that
these burgers give cuz she's been farting up a
storm ALL WEEK LONG!  These farts were HUGE
and she looks RIDICULOUSLY HOT in these clips!

MAY 4TH 2017
Veronica Secretz wanted a second site and what
Veronica wants.. Veronica GETS!  2017 is the year
of the "bratty" gurl and Veronica is the "brattiest"
of them all! But aside from all of that.. this video is..
watch it and do not agree.. do me a favor.... KILL YO SELF!
DEEP, WET, RUMBLY AND BUBBLEY are the words that come
to mind and this girls just KNOWS she is HOT!  I mean just look
at her!  Much like Selena and DD she is like 2 chainz cuz now
she got 2 SYTES!  Veronica Secretz the new face of BrattyGurlz.com

APRIL 27TH 2017
These FARTS OF FURY!  Were so BUBBLY and WET I am
so sure that she made a MESS of those jeans!  Chasitity
is pretty limited with filming so she has been filming in
one room and one area because she lives in a house full
of people.  She keeps it simple.  Every time she has to fart
she goes into her "secret place" and let's it out!  It is very
straight forward.. BUBBLEY JEAN FART after LONG, RUMBLY
JEAN FART!  And most importantly  THAT ASS is looking AMAZING!

APRIL 20TH 2017
I found BIG FOOT!  Yes I have located the elusive
"YETI" and it is trapped inside Chastity's jeans!
Sasquatch in there.. either that or Chewbacca!
Either way.. there has got to be a reward for this!

APRIL 13TH 2017
PART 2-  We can preview very little of this video.  You have
to become a member to see the mess she made after all
of that EXPLOSIVE farting.  If you like our SHART NADOE
videos of the past then you HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE!  She just
kept farting and farting AND FARTING!  She really had no idea
of the mess she had made of herself.. when she finally realized
it it was off to get CLEANED UP.... OOOPS!

APRIL 6TH 2017
We have done a few "Shart Nadoe" videos but
THIS ONE HERE may be the best one yet!!!  Chastity
puts on her favorite jeans and rips LONG BUBBLY
TROMBONE FARTS right in your face!  Her ass looks
BETTER THAN EVER!  So big and so ROUND and the
farts are really WHAT YOU LOVE to hear!  Then.. that's
when the video takes a VIOLENT TURN!  She starts to
take her jeans down but she did not realize what was
under those jeans after all of that VIOLENT farting!
My friends this is PART ONE of the best SHART video
we have ever put out!  JOIN NOW to see PART ONE!!!

MARCH 28TH 2017
Chastity has the most beautiful BROWN EYE I have
seen in a very long time!  If you are a butt hole lover
then this is the update for you because it is right there
in your face.. blowing some VERY LONG farts!  Also
some nice basic BASSY JEAN FARTS in this one too!
If you like NAKED BUTT.. your gonna love this one
If you like JEAN FARTS.. your gonna love this one
You got the best of both worlds in this one my friend!

MARCH 20TH 2017
Watch Chastity twist and turn her hips
while her ass is SHOUTING deep, bassy
TROMBONE farts right into your face!
This clip is pretty straight forward.  Your
nose.. her BIG ass.. any questions?

MARCH 12TH 2017
Come to the kitchen sir, Chastity has prepared
you a special dinner!  She is a Mid West girl so
she had Eggs and Sausage for breakfast and
she says her farts are very "EGGY" this evening!
She also had a big salad for lunch so you can
also pick up a "rotten veggie" smell in there too!
She is in JEANS and it sounds like a TUBA is stuck
in her butt so you are all set and ready to go!
Come on in my friend...  Dinner is Served!

MARCH 5TH 2017
Chastity is bending over farting in your face!
Over and over again and the farts are HUGE!
She is in tight jeans the whole time and her ass
looks so MEATY AND ROUND!  And these bad boys
were LONG and RUMBLY! she was relieved to let em' out!
After she finished, in her words.. "I think I lost 10 pounds!"

THESE ARE MONSTER FARTS!  Ice Cream really does
AWFUL things to Chastity's stomach and she had 2
big bowls of it!  It has given her WET, RAUNCHY GAS!
These farts were TREMENDOUS!.. with one of them over
20 SECONDS LONG!  You just know that a turd is going
to be flying outta there any minute!  They were THAT GOOD!

in your face over and over again in tight jeans
Chastity takes down those pants so you can
SNIFF, KISS and LICK her HUGE round ass!
This clip is pretty simplistic in nature...
HER ASS and YOUR FACE... any questions?

You have seen the promo's.. you have seen the pics and
read the descriptions... You have contemplated.. but I am
here to tell you... IT'S TIME!  Go ahead and spring for that
BrattyGurlz.com membership because Chastity has just
turned in one of the HOTTEST FART VIDEOS EVER MADE!
The ass, the GODZILLA farts!.. the poses.. the leggings...
THE 21 SECOND FART!  So many reasons to join Bratty Gurlz
.. yes my friend.. the waiting is over, I am here to tell you.. IT'S TIME.

Chastity knows the game!   She's been in it for a long
time.. she knows what to wear, how to pose and how
BIG to fart!  She is so sexy in this clip.. telling you..
"I know you like this ass"  "I know you like colorful leggings"
"I know my ass looks good"  "I know you like when a fart big"
and more simply put.. I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE THIS!

YES!!!! The two words you have been DREAMING
to hear together.. Chastity and SHART!  After several
minutes of ripping the LONGEST, BUBBLIEST FARTS EVER!
See that see thru part on the butt of her leggings?  Well towards
the end of this video she FILLS IT WITH SHIT!  That's right this is
probably the BEST "shartnadoe" video of the whole shartnadoe
She might be an "OG" but put her right there with the cream of the
crop... Selena Loca, Bossy Delilah, Lexxxi Lockhart Debbie Disturrbed
all of the BEST!  Put her right in that HOF category!  DON'T MISS THIS!!

OMG How does her body hold ALL OF THAT AIR!
Man oh man the way these farts came roaring out
of Chastity is INCREDIBLE!  And her ass looks
and LOOK AT THOSE BOOOBIES!  You could tell
she was RELIEVED after letting some of these
monsters out.. cuz they were HUGE definitely
sounded like an angry elephant and they got
REALLY WET towards the end.. I am pretty
sure she SHIT HERSELF!!!

This niche is in turmoil.  A lot of FAKES going around
It is just not what it used to be.  So I decided to bring out
some REINFORCEMENT and invite the AMAZING Chastity back to
C World Entertainment!  You know her work, so I don't
have to say much.. but I will say two things...

1.  She looks BETTER than she has ever looked!

2.  She is ripping the BEST FARTS SHE AS EVER RIPPED!

On this day we welcomed a new leader of the free world, now
Stand up and show your respect to the FART LEGEND!
She is back to help us... "Make Fart Fetish Great Again"
(this is a MUST MUTHA FUCKIN' SEE!!!!)

Debb is so annoyed at you for asking to smell her
farts every time she let's one go.  So to get REVENGE
on you she ties you up and makes you sit in a chair
and she farts in your face OVER AND OVER all day
long until you cannot take it anymore!   She is hoping
that you smelling her RAUNCHIEST farts over and over
will cure you of this fetish.. kinda like shock therapy!
After each LONG CHEEK FLAPPING FART she kneels
done and she makes sure to waft it in your face!
You guys sniff it together..."Ah that one smells like
fish"  "oh wow.. that one smells like warm eggs"
After inhaling these MONSTER FARTS you will never
want to sniff her fart again! (not really)  This is a
MUST SEE POV fart fantasy!!

My girl Santana knows how much I love her
sexy ass and her sexy sounding farts!  I love
when she farts on my dick.. she just grinds
on it.. and farts on it.. and these farts sound
SO SEXY!  These farts sounded like her ass
kept saying the word G-O-O-S-E over and
over again!  Then I laid down while she was
in a sexy skirt and she came over and plopped
her huge round ass on my face and kept farting
 on it!  I was having a GREAT time but then she
starting acting like a BITCH!  She kept saying
"fuck you.. you don't even deserve this"... like
I am a horrible boyfriend or something...
(this is an AMAZING POV fantasy)

WHAT A BITCH!  Angie is cute and all
but I think it is RUDE to make your BF
sniff your STINKY GAS to prove his love.
  She told him  simply "You want a kiss,
you gotta smell a fart!"  These were some
I felt sorry for the poor guy.. I know for sure he
ended up with a brown nose!   He didn't seem to
mind too much.. Hot girls get away with everything!

"Yes Mistress".... get ready to say a lot of that
because these girls are MEAN and BRATTY!
Debbie Deb is usually so nice and sweet but
in this clip she is demanding that you
SMELL HER BREAKFAST!  She had eggs..
she tells you how the farts smell like eggs and
the other things she had for breakfast.  She sticks
her GIGANTIC ass in your face and let's you sniff
but she sure makes you feel like a "loser" for doing
so.  These girls ain't nice about it.. they are BRATTY GURLZ!